Internet International Technical Information

Because we host so many sites from around the country, we know how important it is that our internet connections be reliable and fast. We have invested (and continue to invest) in the technology and services necessary to provide our clients with the best internet service available. We constantly monitor and review our performance to keep it at an optimum level.

We have three fully redundant servers located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All servers run Microsoft’s IIS with Windows NT 4.0 on multi-processor Pentiums. All servers are fully backed up weekly with modifications backed up daily.

The "back-end" is powered by a multi-threaded version of Visual FoxPro V. 5.0. program capable of handling over 500,000 data requests per day. We interface directly to VFP without using any ODBC drivers (ODBC is a very common, but slower, technique used to interface data to the internet.) As requests come in, they are distributed to the open channels for parallel processing. All data transfers are done in memory so there is no overhead associated with hard-drive activity. No ODBC or temporary files are needed. Our software is 4 - 6 times faster than similar engines using Access or Visual Basic as their data back-end. We are even faster than most SQL Server implementations using ODBC.

Our servers are located on a 10 megabit switched segment, connected to a 100 megabit switched backbone. From there, traffic is handled by core Cisco 7200 series routers, and passed on to the Internet backbone.

We currently have two T3 connections, one to Cable and Wireless in Dallas and one to RMI.NET in Santa Clara. In addition, we have a 3 meg SprintLink connection to Fort Worth. All transit links are fully redundant via BGP.

These lines are also redundant locally and come in through separate local loops. One through Southwestern Bell, and the other through MCI/WorldCom. Additionally, the lines are separated into two separate phone closets within the building.

We contract with WebZone Network Operations Center for 24-hour support and traffic monitoring. The WebZone is one of the Midwest's premier ISP's, a division of Denver-based RMI.NET, Inc. (formerly Rocky Mountain Internet) and provides us with extremely high speed, reliable and redundant internet connections for our servers.

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